Monday, 4 January 2010

Slow Coast lodging: Pescadero Creekside Barn

Lodging for two in a turn of the century barn loft.  
Total privacy "up in the tree tops".

What some of their wayfarers have to say!

“As we climbed the stairs and opened the doors, we had no idea what to expect… we slept on a cloud all weekend”.

“ We are wondering if, and hoping you will be here 10, 20, 30 and 40 years down the line so we can celebrate each wedding anniversary in this place”.

“A place of rest and relaxation in a quiet coast side hamlet.  A launch pad for day trips… a nap in the sun, a hot bath (or two or three), a picnic lunch on the patio…”.

“Sixty miles on a bike up devil’s slide, fog, misty rain…where to stay?…Thanks for the great bed and wonderful bath…”.

“It is a cold summer season and I came here with my daughter on our annual trip.  We played and made dinner and had fun enjoying the barn”.

“Thy name is tranquility”.  This is our third visit during the last six months.  This says it all!!!

“…Cozy, romantic… my wine tastes better here… and it’s restful”.
“The barn door is open… the bird song a symphony, the sun shining through every glass orifice and I and so relaxed”.

“If Duarte’s hadn’t been two doors down, we never would have walked out the door our entire stay”.

Cotton and Rob Skinner

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